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Chicken raising in Luxembourg

By 4 experienced producers

Marc Dentzer

Through his know-how, Marc contributes to our project with more than 15 years’ experience in direct marketing.

About the farm

  • Raises Limousin Cattle
  • Does corn and crop production
  • Beringen


7b, rue Wenzel
L-7593 Beringen
Tel.: +352 621 196 077


As the youngest of the 4, Tom brings in open minded ideas, and sees them through with his motivation.

About the farm

  • Vegetable production indoors and outdoors
  • Egg production
  • 52A, rue de Luxembourg L-5314 Contern


52A, rue de Luxembourg
L-5314 Contern
Tel.: +352 661 358 081

Martin Losch

Martin is a perfectionist and that’s why he is responsible for the business’ detail. For every event, Martin comes up with the right kind of publicity!

About the farm

  • Contractor
  • Raises Limousin Cattle
  • Cruchten


6, rue de la Montagne
L-7420 Cruchten
Tel.: +352 691 196 241


With his experience in chicken and egg production, Bob can help out with nearly every problem.

About the farm

  • Egg production
  • Raises Angus Cattle
  • Potatoes
  • Vegetables


6, rue Mellerbaach
L-9351 Bastenduerf
Tel.: +352 621 526 316



36 Reidenerwee