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Luxembourg 's finest chicken

Straight from the farm

Fresh humanely-produced chicken meat

Hähnchenfleisch aus Luxemburg

Farm fresh

There’s no better and more delicious food than savoury meat from a free-range chicken for lunch!

That’s why we do our best to avoid any transport or transit of our goods. Due to our small production quantity we always offer fresh meat which has been slaughtered under stress free circumstances, only a few hours before you can pick it up at the farm.


Viande de poulet du Luxembourg.


Quality is important for us, so we are controlled by an external veterinarian, in order to produce fair and honest goods for our customers.

A “Poulet de Luxembourg” will convince you by its freshness, taste and the fact that your chicken used to be running outside its stable, while feeding on nationally produced nutrients. It has never been that simple to buy high quality products!


Healthy and tasty Chicken meat


As responsible fathers, we focus on producing in a way that protects and preserves our environment for future generations.

We don’t import any feed, and any produced manure is evacuated on our fields in very small quantities in order to spare our national water resources. Our main goal is to do everything in our power so that our future generations can also taste the delicious “Poulet de Luxembourg”!


Organisation: 4 experienced producers

A “ Poulet de Luxembourg “ is chicken meat like you used to know it from your grandmother’s. A unique and delicious taste, free from any additives! To realize this project, a new company was founded by 4 farmers. Due to our experience, we are proud to offer you a never before tasted quality of chicken meat!

Marc Dentzer

" The Experienced "


" Chicken little "

Martin Losch

" Mr. Perfect "


" The Expert "


" Hemmerhaff "

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The chicken come to our farms when they are 1 day old, and there are always males and females. They are immediately put into our heated “Wördekemper” stables, where they have access to feed and fresh water. The ground is covered with straw. After 2 months, they are slaughtered in a stress free environment by Ardenne Volaille. We offer lots of space to our chicken, and that’s why quantities are limited. Consequently, it’s better to make your reservation in advance!

poulet luxembourg
poulet luxemburg
Hähnchen luxemburg

Chicken farming under strict guidelines

Free running

free running

After 4 weeks, our chickens are free to run outside the stable in a protected space, where they get the chance to catch plenty of sunlight all day long.


veterinary control

The whole production is controlled by an external veterinarian, who takes care of the used feed and makes sure that our chickens are fine.

Mobile stables by Wördekemper

Mobile stables

Our chickens are raised in mobile stables build by Wördekemper. Those offer us plenty of flexibility in terms of the quantities we produce and due to the excellent structure of the building we can guarantee a high level of animal hygiene

Sales and contact

Your Order & pick up

To order your tasty “Poulet de Luxembourg”, you are invited to click on the ORDER Button, and fill in the gaps.

We want to inform you that the produced, and therefore available, quantities are limited. If products are sold out on one date, we will make a reservation of your ordered quantity for the next free date.

During your reservation you have to choose a pick up point, which is located on one of our farms. After you’ve sent us your reservation, you’ll receive a confirmation note during the next 24 hours and the necessary information regarding the opening hours of your pick up point.


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Selling points

Meyrishaff 3, An der Lengt
9350 Bastenduerf
Martin Losch
6, rue de la Montagne
7420 Cruchten
Bäckerei/Hotel Martha
2, am Kaesch
7593 Beringen / Mersch
Les paniers de Sandrine
266. rue principale
5366 Munsbach
Haff Muller-Lemmer
1, rue de Moutfort
5310 Contern
36, Réidenerwee
8552 Oberpallen
Boucherie Hoffmann
22 Place Bleech
7610 Larochette
Epicerie Am Duerf
17 Rue Principale
9184 Schrondweiler
Boucherie Osweiler
20, Rue Hoovelek
6447 Echternach